American Pride

Throughout the year, America has specific holidays that celebrate the opportunities and pleasures we enjoy as a free people. Many of these holidays honor those who fought for that freedom and who continue to strive for peace, prosperity, and protection. As a result, we here at The Supply Room have launched #AmericanPride. This is a running sales event that is applicable to every order until Patriot’s Day in September! Simply add the promo code americanpride18 to save 10% on your total order. See below for a detailed list of patriotic holidays.

VE Day                                                                                        May 8
Military Spouse Appreciation Day                                                Friday before Mother’s Day
Armed Forces Day                                                                       Third Saturday in May
Memorial Day                                                                              Last Monday in May

D-Day                                                                                           June 6
Army Birthday                                                                               June 14th

Independence Day                                                                        July 4

Labor Day                                                                                      First Monday in September
Patriot Day                                                                                     September 11
Saving money is great, but this year, we hope that you will remember all those who fight to protect and defend.