The Spirit of American Pride

American Pride is the spirit of honor, compassion, service, and patriotism for the land we call home. It is about taking up personal responsibility and asking yourself, what can I do to be of service. It is about taking time to remember those who have gone on before us and honoring those individuals who have made personal sacrifices so that we can be free. Let us turn toward one another in gratitude and celebration of our freedoms as we embrace the spirit of American Pride.

Here at The Supply Room, we believe in #AmericanPride. As a country, we observe many different holidays dedicated to the freedoms we are afforded by our brave service men and women. To honor their sacrifices and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy every day, we are launching a running sales event that is applicable to every order until Patriot’s Day in September. Simply apply the promo code “americanpride19” to save 10% on your total order. See below for a detailed list of patriotic holidays.

VE Day                                                                                        May 8
Military Spouse Appreciation Day                                                Friday before Mother’s Day
Armed Forces Day                                                                       Third Saturday in May
Memorial Day                                                                              Last Monday in May

D-Day                                                                                           June 6
Army Birthday                                                                               June 14th

Independence Day                                                                        July 4

Labor Day                                                                                      First Monday in September
Patriot Day                                                                                     September 11

We live in a time of conflict - external and internal - when we sometimes concentrate too much on what divides us. Today, fly the Stars and Stripes with pride and confidence that what unites is far stronger.  // Charlie Dent