Month of the Military Child

Each April is designated Month of the Military Child. On social media, the month is supported with hashtags like #KidsServeToo, #PurpleUp, and #MOMC. Schools and youth organizations, like the Boys & Girls Club of America, come together to show their support by wearing purple and sponsoring military youth activities that recognize the sacrifices and strength of our military’s children. 


During a time where most children just want to fit in, military youth tend to be frequently traveling and go through troubles that require consistent courage and willpower. Most civilian youth aren’t able to recognize or appreciate these difficulties. As a result, Month of the Military Child was created to not only recognize the difficulties of military life for children, but also to reward the qualities of steadfast strength and persistence that remain present in our military youth. 


To help further the futures of military children, the Boys & Girls Club of America has worked with military installations worldwide to bring military-connected youth together. This provides a safe and familiar environment to military youth who are constantly on the move. Continual relocation and the difficulty of obtaining lasting friendships puts a difficult burden on military children who are already facing the ever-present fears and challenges of having those closest to them serve in the Armed Forces. Through all this, however, BGCA-affiliated Youth Centers are located in all 50 states and in 16 countries around the world. From rural areas to the inner-city, a Boys & Girls Club is ready to enrich our military youth.


Through the efforts of schools and non-profit organizations, our military children will always have a place to belong.