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Connecticut State Flag Indoor Pole Hem with Fringe
Item #FS-CT-2

Product Spec Sheet
FS-CT/2, Connecticut State Flag, 3' x 5' Pole Hem with Fringe

Suitable for Parades or Indoor Display, the Colonial Nyl-Glo Flag is made of 100% Nylon and trimmed with two inch gold rayon fringe. The flannel lined hem slides over standard 1 ΒΌ in. Flagpoles and has a tab sewn inside for attaching to Flagpole.

The Connecticut Flag, which is among one of the most ancient Flags, was originally used during the Revolutionary War when Connecticut troops used this seal on their Flag. The Flag consisting of a blue field with the arms in the center was officially adopted in 1895 after pressure from the Daughters of the American Revolution. On June 3, 1897 it was regulated that the arms should be in color in the center of a field of azure blue. The Flag was originally supposed to be ,squarish, but further regulations in 1957 said the Flag had to have proportions of 2: 3.
3 ft x 5 ft 4 ft x 6 ft