CPR Lifeshield Refill Kit 475
Item #EMI-475

Product Info Sheet
CPR Lifshieldâ„¢ effectively prevents mouth to mouth contact during CPR emergencies.  This lighweight 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" face conforming mask features a one-way valve and filter that elimates blowback or body fluids to the rescuer.  The translucent vinyl also allow monitoring of the patient.  Each CPR Lifsaverâ„¢ is packaged in a polybag with CPR instructions.  It is small enough to
easily fit in your pocket, holster or trauma kit.  Ideal during CPR class it is also compatible with CPR mannequins and models.  Essential equipment for all first responders.  Refill Kit includes 1-CPR Lifeshield; 2-Latex Gloves; 1-Antimicrobial Hand Wipe.