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Subdued Patches

U.S. Military > Army > Uniform Accessories > Unit Patches > Subdued Patches

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0056 Rescue Squadron Subdued Patch
0001 Armor Division with Tab Subdued Patch0001 Armor Division with Tab Subdued Patch
0001 Cavalry Division Subdued Patch0001 Cavalry Division Subdued Patch
0001 Army Subdued Patch0001 Army Subdued Patch
0001 Corps Subdued Patch0001 Corps Subdued Patch
0001 Field Force Subdued Patch0001 Field Force Subdued Patch
0001 Sustainment Command Subdued Patch0001 Sustainment Command Subdued Patch
0001 Personnel Command Subdued Patch0001 Personnel Command Subdued Patch
0001 Signal Brigade Subdued Patch0001 Signal Brigade Subdued Patch
(P-0001L-S) 1 Medical Brigade Subdued Patch(P-0001L-S) 1 Medical Brigade Subdued Patch
0001 U.S. Army Information Operations Command Subdued Patch0001 U.S. Army Information Operations Command Subdued Patch
0001 Mission Support Cmd Subdued Patch
0002 Infantry Division Subdued Patch (P-0002A-S)0002 Infantry Division Subdued Patch (P-0002A-S)
0002 Armor Division with Tab Subdued Patch0002 Armor Division with Tab Subdued Patch
0002 Armor Cavalry Subdued Patch0002 Armor Cavalry Subdued Patch
0002 Army Subdued Patch0002 Army Subdued Patch
0002 Field Force Subdued Patch0002 Field Force Subdued Patch
0002 Military Intelligence Command Subdued Patch0002 Military Intelligence Command Subdued Patch
0002 Signal Brigade Subdued Patch0002 Signal Brigade Subdued Patch
0002 Support Brigade Subdued Patch0002 Support Brigade Subdued Patch
0002 Medical Brigade Subdued Patch0002 Medical Brigade Subdued Patch
0003 Infantry Division Subdued Patch0003 Infantry Division Subdued Patch
0003 Armor Division with Tab Subdued Patch0003 Armor Division with Tab Subdued Patch
0003 Army Subdued Patch0003 Army Subdued Patch

(202 Products)
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